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KeiStone Kollective
Marketing Pathways

KeiStone Kollective offers three distinctive marketing pathways tailored to the growth stage of various businesses.


The 'ENGAGE' pathway, with a six-month commitment, is crafted for startups and new brands aiming to build their foundational online presence through services like brand strategy, social media, email marketing, and content creation.


'ELEVATE,' another six-month program, steps up the frequency of these services and adds event coordination, podcast production, website development, and annual reporting to foster enhanced brand recognition and community engagement for established brands.


Lastly, the 'EXCEL' pathway is for high-growth brands seeking market leadership, offering comprehensive management of unlimited social media platforms, frequent content creation, event coordination, advanced website development, and strategic paid advertising campaigns.


This pathway is designed for startups and new brands looking to establish their online presence.

Services Included:

  • Brand Strategy: Initial brand consultation to define brand voice and target audience.

  • Social Media Management: Management of up to 2 social media platforms with bi-weekly content posting.

  • Email Marketing: Monthly newsletter design and distribution.

  • Blog/Article Writing: One blog post per month to drive organic traffic.

  • Social Media Content Creation: Basic content creation for scheduled posts.

Positive Outcomes/Benefits:

  • Establish a foundational online presence.

  • Begin building a loyal community with consistent brand messaging.

  • Engage with early followers and gather insights for future strategies.

This pathway is designed for established brands seeking to deepen engagement and expand their community.


Services Included:

  • All Basic Package services with increased frequency and platforms.

  • Event Coordinating: Planning and promotion of one virtual event per quarter to engage the community.

  • Podcast Producing: Monthly podcast episode production to boost brand voice.

  • Website Development: Basic website creation or revamp for better user experience.

  • Annual Report Creation: Insightful annual engagement and performance report.



  • Enhanced brand recognition and loyalty through diverse content strategies.

  • Strengthened community engagement with interactive events and insightful content.

  • Improved online presence and SEO through multi-channel content creation.


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This pathway is designed for High-growth brands and organizations aiming for leadership in their space.


Services Included:

All Advanced pathway services with premium upgrades.


  • Social Media Management: Full management of unlimited social media platforms with daily posting.

  • Email Marketing: Bi-weekly customized newsletters.

  • Blog/Article Writing: Weekly in-depth articles or blog posts.

  • Event Coordinating: Coordination of both virtual and in-person events, including one major event per year.

  • Podcast Producing: Bi-weekly podcast episodes with high-profile guests.

  • Website Development: Advanced website development with e-commerce and membership capabilities.

  • Executive Pitch Deck Creation: Custom-designed pitch decks for investor presentations or partnerships.

  • Paid Ad Creation: Strategic paid advertising campaigns across social media and search engines.

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